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Re: Unbound variable: ESTYPEPTR

>I'm using MCL 2.0b1p3.
>When I load the file ...:Library:SCROLLERS.lisp I get the following error:
>;Loading "LENINGRAD:Lisp:MCL 2.0:Library:SCROLLERS.lisp"...
>> Error: Unbound variable: ESTYPEPTR
>> While executing: SYMBOL-VALUE
>>From the backtrace I deduce that this is connected with the fetching of
>the record type :RECT. A type with name RESTYPEPTR exists, but I couldn't
>find anything in the source listings named ESTYPEPTR.
>I need to load "scrollers" in order to use the "grapher" code provided in the
>examples folder (which requires "scrolling-windows", which requires 
>Can someone help me?

Sounds like the bug that happens because of a missing step in the
patch installation process.

After changing any of the files in the "ccl;library:interfaces:"
folder, you need to evaluate the following form (which takes a while to
do its thing):


Bill St. Clair