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Re: Apple and CLIM

> In no way are we suggesting that CLIM should replace the MCL Interface
> Designer or the MCL hooks into the Apple GUI.  For programmers not
> requiring portability across platforms, the Interface Designer and the
> hooks into the Apple UI are wonderful tools.  CLIM (IMHO) should be
> viewed as an *alternative* to the Interface Manager for those
> requiring portability.  An alternative CLIM-based interface designer
> would be nice, but for us would be low on our priority list for future
> MCL development.

Just to add another voice in the discussion...

I agree totally with Rodney. I was just about to send a message in the
same flavor to the mailing list, when I received his message!

Just to illustrate my point more clearly:
  At work, we are developing a high level mathematical software that whe
  would like to see distributed on as many plattforms as possible. In
  this case, CLIM is a wonderful tool.
  But when I come home from work, I change into a plain Mac hacker who
  loves the Mac, loves to program Macintosh games, etc...

I think a lot of us MCL'ers are in the same situation!?

Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
Bureau: (514) 987-4290
E-Mail: cartier@math.uqam.ca