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Re: MCL and AUX

In article <9132523.23521@mulga.cs.mu.OZ.AU>, caw@cs.mu.OZ.AU (Chris Wright) writes:
> The summary line says it all....
> does MCL run under AUX?
The short answer is yes.  The longer one, yes but...
Actually, the only problem I've encountered has been the MacTCP
interface not working.  I've not investigated whether I'm doing
something wrong, if MCL doesn't find the MacTCP driver, or what.
It does work for me under System 7.  Also MCL is *much* faster
under System 7 than under A/UX on my IIsi.
                                Wes Hubert <wes@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu>
(This is regarding MCL 2.0b1p3)