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>I was wondering if MCL 2.0 final will also ship on floppies, or do I need to by a CD ROM  
>Sam Griffith Jr.
>Pencom Software

We intend to ship every copy of MCL 2.0 with both floppies *and* a CD-ROM, so no
CD-ROM player is necessary. The floppies will include pretty much what the
betas included: MCL and the libraries and examples, etc. The CD-ROM will
have, in addition, an on-line version of the MCL manual, plus all the contrib
stuff that people have been kind enough to send me.

By the way, if you've been thinking about sending me some lisp code but
worried it won't be ready in time for the Feb 17th deadline, relax.
We'll have a few more weeks, so if you send me some nifty lisp code
by oh, mid-march, we can still get it onto the CD-ROM.

thank you for your support,