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Redraw continuously


I used the build-in method set-view-position to redraw a view with bitmap
continuously in the following code:

( dotimes (i 20)
       (set-view-position <view> (make-point <new point>))
       (delay one second) )

However, what I got was a discontinued moving, even though I used
different delaying time.  Does anyone have the problem in your use of MCL?

In addition, I did the following code for removing subviews and draw lines:

(remove-subviews <view> <subviews>)

(move-to <view> <position>)
(line <view> (another position>)

But, what I got was to first draw a line in the window and then remove
subviews from the same window.  We do not know how the system schedules to
remove subviews.  Is that true?  Does the system involve the processing of
multi-processes so that we cannot control the order of execution, in
particular the use of the build-in methods and functions?  Thanks.