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Re: AppleShare Question

>>I need the ability to programmaticaly mount a remote macintosh
>>on my desktop. i.e. to be able to do by MCL code exactly the same
>>thing as opening the chooser, selecting a zone, entering a user name
>>and password, selecting the folder to mount and clicking ok.
>>Anybody ever done this?
>>Any clues?
>>NB: I know it's possible, Quickeys does it!
>I haven't done this in lisp, but one thing that I do in frontier is create
>an alias to the drive you want to mount, then run the alias.  Maybe you
>could do something like this.

I haven't done it, but a quick perusal of Inside Macintosh Volume VI
reveals that the following two traps may do the trick.


The only problem with these is that they don't allow specification of
the user and password. You'll get a dialog requesting that information.

Mounting volumes at a lower level is described in IM VI 25-26.
This allows specification of the user name and password, but you'll
have to play with it a bit to figure out how to encode that information.
The relevant traps are:


If you think I sound knowledgeable about this, don't be fooled. Everything
I talked about here came from 15 minutes of looking at Inside Macintosh.
I haven't written any of the relevant code, so I don't know what demons
are lurking therein.