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Re: MCL 2.1

>The MCL group is beginning planning for MCL 2.1 and greater.
>Please let us know your desires, both large and small, for future
>releases of MCL. Some indication of the priority of each request
>will also be appreciated. Please reply to bug-mcl@cambridge.apple.com.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
>  Alice

The biggest thing I've seen lacking in requests so far is a better manual:
    A more comprehensive index.
    More realistic examples (referring to source/example code maybe).
    More nuts and bolts about what class/method does what/when
    Better discussion of the interaction of Mac events as implemented in

I'd also like to see a copy of Inside Mac VI at a reduced price optionally
instead of CLtL2.  I'd *guess* that many others like me are LISP hackers
working on a Mac (rather than Mac hackers working in LISP) and already have
Steele 2, but haven't gotten around to IM VI...

I'd definitely rate source code pretty high on the list of needs.  All too
often I want a class to be just like X only different.  Tacking on an
after, before, or around method may not be a good way if the difference is
very small.

sequence-dialog-item seems more messed up to me every time I try to
specialize it.  All sorts of methods are provided that aren't used
internally that one would expect to be.
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu