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Re: ThinkC -> MPW xlators

Thanks. I look forward to hearing further from you or the developers
on this.
Item    6666575                         18-May-92        06:53PDT
From:   D0152                           Symantec Languages Tech Support,PRT
Sub:    Re: ThinkC -> MPW library xlat
I understand your "dilemma".  You are correct, the format of our project file
is proprietary, as is any pre-release software at Symantec.  I will say that
this is something that I can bring to the developers attention, and it will be
looked into. However, as of the moment, I do not know what the plans are for
something like this. I will bring it to the attention of the developers, and
they will look into it.
- Andrew Bushnell
Symantec Languages Support