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LOAD vs AppleShare aliases

LOAD & other filesystem functions do not seem to work across
an alias to a folder on a volume mounted (via AppleShare)
from another machine. Is this a known bug?  (using MCL 2.0bp3)

Here are the specifics:

;;; "Common Graphics alias" points to a folder on a mounted AppleShare volume.
;;; When I try to load something via that alias, I get an error:

? (load "Tom's stuff:lisp local:Common Graphics alias:CG.lisp")
> Error: File "Tom's stuff:lisp local:Common Graphics:CG.lisp" does not exist.
> While executing: LOAD

Nor does the directory function show anything in that folder.

When I put a copy of the folder there instead of an alias, things work fine.

Thanks for your help.

-Tom McDougal          mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu

        4493 B.C., Atlas is arrested
        for holding up the world.