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Re: On implementing a dialog item

>Before I do so, has anyone implemented a dialog item similar to the one
>found in the Stack Backtrace window that allows you to change the relative
>size of the various table dialog items?  (I refer to the dark bar underneath
>the scroll bar of the top-most table).
>I'm pretty sure I can hack something out based on horizontal/vertical
>guides implemented in the Dialog-Editor.lisp file, but why do the work
>if I don't have to ;-)?

This is provided in the "scroll-bar-dialog-items.lisp" file in the
"Library" folder. The class is named PANE-SPLITTER. The file
"new-backtrace.lisp" in the "Inspector Folder" sub-folder of the
"Library" folder has code that uses this scroll-bar-dialog-item feature.