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Re: MCL Framework & Directions

While I also agree with the general direction of this mail (specifically, that
an "MCL-like" product should focus on developing shrink-wrapped applications)
I think that MCL is the wrong product for this goal. Why? Well, I don't claim
to be an expert on language design and construction, but I have just finished
reading the Dylan language specification. It seems that Apple has selected
Dylan as the language that will be used to achieve the application 
framework goals, not MCL. Thus, I think that MCL should stay more closely
tied with the general lisp community by following/endorsing CLIM, for a 
slightly different reason: by following CLIM, MCL provides an entry point *TO*
the Macintosh *FROM* other platforms. This differs from the viewpoint that is 
generally expressed on this mailing list, in that most people seem to want 
to develop their applications within MCL and then move them to other platforms. 

Finally, it is too easy to say phrases like: "hardware won't be a problem
in the future - we will have GOBS of memory and GOBS of MIPS and GOBS of
everything else". From my rather limited experience in computing (only 10
years so far, but still loving it) you must always be concerned about
hardware resources. Yes, innovative applications should be developed with an
eye towards the future, when there will be *more* memory, and *more* processing
power, but they must always be balanced with the needs of the customer base
you are trying to serve, which will (in general) have budgetary concerns that
may force them to use existing equipment that won't support your nifty new
but very resource intensive application.  Thus, the hardware concerns is 
another reason why Dylan appears to be the language of choice for applications 
development on small systems. 

I rarely feel compelled to issue a disclaimer, but, as I rarely voice
opinions on such things, I feel compelled to do so. These opinions are my
own, and, if you care to flame at them, please flame directly at me and not
the entire mailing list.

  -- Luke