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Re: Problems with defmethod

>Dear fellow lisp hackers,
>I just dropped into a problem with MCL 2 Beta: I can't define
>methods with empty lambda lists -- which is necessary for my
>application: (defmethod test () (print "Hello")) doesn't work.
>In CLtL2, empty (specialized) lambda lists are allowed, so I
>think MCL doesn't fulfill the standard in this (minor) point.

This is a known shortcoming of 2.0b1. It has been fixed in 2.0 final.

APDA has shipped 2.0 final upgrade packages to everyone who paid them
for 2.0b1. If you bought your copy directly from APDA, call them and
find out what's up. If your copy is part of a site license or was bought
from a European distributor (the existence of which I am unsure), you'll
need to contact your source for your upgrade.

>Does anyone know a solution of this problem? Is a patch available?

I do not have a patch, though I can probably work one up if you can
convince me that you really can't upgrade to 2.0 final to get this
feature. Why are empty generic function lambda lists necessary for your