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Problems with defmethod

Dear fellow lisp hackers,

I just dropped into a problem with MCL 2 Beta: I can't define
methods with empty lambda lists -- which is necessary for my
application: (defmethod test () (print "Hello")) doesn't work.
In CLtL2, empty (specialized) lambda lists are allowed, so I
think MCL doesn't fulfill the standard in this (minor) point.

Does anyone know a solution of this problem? Is a patch available?

Thanks a lot,

Oliver Christ, Student of Computer Science at the
University of Stuttgart, Germany
PS: Since I usually work on a Unix platform and therefore don't follow
any MCL-concerned mailing lists or newsgroups, I'm not sure whether
I am the first one asking for help in this topic. I got this e-mail
address from a friend, and I don't even know whether this is a
mailing list or a 'normal' e-mail address. In the first case, please
answer me directly, because I'm not subscribed to it.