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Re: MCL's floating point performance

In article <9210271701.AA05126@cambridge.apple.com> bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair) writes:
>A few notes on Erann Gat's floating point compiler:
>It works.

I was wondering if anyone had noticed!

>It is available for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com in the
>file "/pub/mcl2/contrib/fpc.lisp-v1.2a1".
>It needs to be loaded before it can be compiled.
>Nit: I find it's inclusion of the following form to be antisocial (both
>because it modifies parts of my world that are not its business and
>because it takes a long time to evaluate):
>(do-symbols (s)
>  (if (fboundp s)
>    (eval `(defvar ,s ',(symbol-function s)))))
>This form can be commented out with the addition of a few "#'"s in
>front of function names.

Oops, sorry about that.  FPC was originally written in Common T, a T-in-
Common-Lisp compatibility package written by Jim Firby.  Because Common T
is about ten times bigger than FPC I just culled out the necessary bits
and included them.  That form was a quick hack to make the world look more
like T.  I actually intended to take it out before releasing FPC, but I
forgot.  Mea culpa.  (#' is a silly convention anyhow! ;-)

Erann "double your money back if not completely satisfied" Gat
gat@aig.jpl.nasa.gov   <-- Note temporary email address.  Robotics is ill.