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hot machines

>Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1992 15:04+0200
>From: Vincent Keunen <nrb!keunen@relay.EU.net>
>Reply-To: nrb!keunen@relay.EU.net
>Subject: Re: hmadorf on Lisp vs Fortran 
>To: info-mcl@nrbmi2.ia.nrb.be
>When is the CM-6 (the one that will be on a card pluged inside the
>powerbook) scheduled for?   :-)

Remember that computers halve in size every 18 months or so.
This curve's been pretty steady for 40 years now, so guessing
is not necessary. According to Carl Feynman at TMC, you'll have 
your laptop CM around the year 2000. It'll just dissipate 200 watts
- think of it as a combination filofax/hairdryer.

>Never trust a pretty header: use keunen@nrb.be

Pretty? You gotta be kidding.