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Re: I Want my own framework...

Congrats to Dan LaLiberte on separate "applications" within MCL.
Good idea, nice implementation, potentially important implications.

Two little ideas:

>All applications, stored in the list *applications*, are added
> to the Apple menu under the About ... item.

You might also want to put these under the Mac sys 7 apps menu on the
RIGHT of the menu bar. If the goal here is to not have the user care 
whether the app is a lisp-app or not, this would make sense.

I use Now Utilities. One of the features I like most about it is that 
you can set up application switching such that it will hide the
windows of the other app whenever you switch apps. This means, of 
course, that you can't simply click on a window of another app to
switch apps, you've got to pick it off a menu. But it means your screen 
isn't cluttered with windows from other apps which is sometimes what you 
want. I'd recommend putting a slot in each app called
And have a way that you could easily change the bit for individual apps 
or change all as a group.