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Questions about MCl and System 7

I recently upgraded my Mac IIcx to System 7.1.  I also put 20M RAM on my
machine (I've loaded mode32 to address the extra memory) and gave MCL 14M
to address (via the info box).

Unfortunately, MCL has "unexpectedly quit" several times on me already.
I have not loaded the environment up yet - I have just been playing with
little, basic things.  The crashes have occurred at "random" times.  Although,
it does seem that a couple of the incidents have occurred when I have called
"choose-file-dialog" or I have "open"ed a fred file (which I assume calls
"choose-file-dialog" too).

Are there any known problems out there?  With 7.1?  With 32 bit addressing?
With a cx/mode 32?  Any combination of the above?