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memory checking functions

>  Are there functions out there that return the amount of memory available 
>  so that functions can warn the user when it gets low?  Something akin to
>  (room) that returns values rather than printing to *standard-output*?

>  Thanks
>  --Dave
>  David S. Bright                        bright@enh.nist.gov  
>  Microanalysis Research Group                                   
>  National Institute of Standards & Technology (NBS)
>  Gaithersburg, MD 20899                                           
>  USA
>  301-975-3911


I use the function (%freebytes) which returns an integer.
It's been very useful for allocating space for large arrays,  etc.
To be accurate, I usually force a (gc) just before calling it.
Otherwise the integer it returns depends on the current freebytes

Lawrence Au