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Re: window-size-parts question

At 19:55 11/18/92 +0000, Kemi Jona wrote:
>When creating a new window, it appears that window-size-parts gets called
>_before_ any subviews are added to it.  Is this intentional?  It seems like
>a mistake to me.  If you want to have a window's subviews adjust
>dynamically to the size of the window, you most certainly would want to
>have them also adjust to whatever :view-size initarg is supplied when that
>window is initially created.
>Here's a simple test case:
>Right now I have to call window-size-parts "manually" after all the
>subviews have been added, but before I show the window.
>Any ideas?

Sounds like a bug to me. I'll send a patch to anyone who requests it.
This patch will be part of Patch 2 for MCL 2.0.