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Editting Unix files using MCL.

    Date: Tue, 1 Dec 92 12:59:42 PST
    From: peot@rpal.rockwell.com (Mark Peot)


    When I read a Unix file from MCL, MCL is smart and converts all of the unix
    carriage returns to newline characters.  Unfortunately, when I write the file
    back out to the Unix world, it uses the MCL newline character rather than the
    Unix newline character.  

    The question:  What is the minimally painful way to change MCL or Fred so that
    it both reads and writes files in UNIX format?


I have not experienced any problem like this.  I regularly
read/write/create files in both UNIX (using Gnuemacs and Allegro CL v4.1)
and MCL (v2.0 final p1) and I freely read/load/compile such
files unchanged on both systems oblivious to where the file was created.
I can remember some
weirdness involving UNIX files with 2.0b1, but it wasn't with regard
to newlines, rather window sizes and positions.  These went away with
the final release.  I use Versaterm on the Mac to transfer the
files to/from UNIX over a phone line.

I tentatively conclude that either a white knight (in the AI planning sense)
is fixing things behind my back, or else the problem is not with MCL.

-- Bob