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Re: problems with midi.lisp

At 18:57 12/1/92 +0000, David Mott wrote:
>Could you assist on the use of the MIDI file in MCL2 ?
>when I try to call one of the traps, eg (#_midigetclients) then the system
>crashes with ID 12
>also the traps used (ie xA800) does not seem to be documented in
>Inside Macintosh
>Do I need any extra software? eg a Midi INIT. Where can I get info
>on the MIDI traps? Have you any example programs?
>David Mott

At  7:49 12/2/92 +0000, Ranson wrote:
>You need the MIDI Manager kit from APDA. I don't have it, but I think it
>includes the system extension and the documentation you are missing.
>     Daniel.

Daniel is right about the Midi Manager kit. I found a copy a year ago
on America OnLine bundled with a demo version of MasterTracks Pro, but
I'm not sure I'm allowed to put it on our FTP server. You'll want the
docs anyway, and they're not included in machine readable form, so
ordering from APDA is the way to go.

An APDA price list is available for anonymous FTP from ftp.apple.com in
the file:


There is also a file in that directory ("how-to-order.txt") with information
about how to order from APDA:

   o United States     1-800-282-2732
   o Canada            1-800-637-0029
   o International     (716) 871-6555
   o AppleLink          APDA
   o CompuServe         76666,2405
   o America Online     APDA
   o Internet           APDA@AppleLink.apple.com

The price list entry for the MIDI manager is:

M0240LLE   MIDI Management Tools v. 2.0.1          $35.00

You can find some MCL MIDI software on the MCL 2.0 CD in the folder:

   "MCL 2.0 CD:User Contributed Code:MIDI/Sound:"

The HyperLisp MIDI system from the MIT Media Lab is there and on the anonymous
FTP server at cambridge.apple.com in the file: