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Re: non quoted arguements

In article <01GSAWG9D45U001D1T@ENH.NIST.GOV> bright@ENH.NIST.GOV writes:

   How does one write a function/macro/anything to return the input, like the
   old nlambdas and fexpers used to do?  The reason:  I'd like to track what I
   do without having to quote everything.  Say, track-it, which returns the
   value of foo, but pushes the symbol foo onto a list:

   (setq bar '(a list with data))   (defparameter *all-new-names* '(some old
   names too))
   (track-it bar) --> (a list with data), and   *all-new-names* = (bar some
   old names too)

(defmacro track-it (name)
     (pushnew ',name *all-new-names*)

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