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.SIT files

>Date: 18 Dec 92 17:06:42 EST
>From: Bruce Lester <72110.1107@CompuServe.COM>
>To: MCL bulletin board <info-macl@cambridge.apple.com>
>Subject: .SIT files
>I downloaded some .LISP files from AppleLink (.SIT).  Does anyone know how to 
>unpack these?
>Bruce Lester

The ".sit" suffix usually means the files have been archived with
Stuffit, a popular archive/compression utility. Various versions
of Stuffit (free, shareware, and commercial) are widely available
from users groups and BBS's, and surely from Compuserve too
(check out the Mac shareware section.)

I would recommend "Stuffit Expander", which is free and expands
several popular file formats, including Applelink packages.

On the Internet, stuffit is available from sumex-aim.stanford.edu
in the /info-mac/util/ directory and other places.