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MCL nominated for awards

I have two announcements about MCL's quest for fame.

In 1989, MCL won the MacUser Editor's Choice award for
"Best New Programming Language". In keeping with that tradition...

From: PROMES.J@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Promes, Jackie)

The 1992 Editors' Choice Awards were announced by MacUser and Macintosh Common
Lisp 2.0 is a finalist for the "Eddy" Award.  The Eddy is the Macintosh
industry's most significant honor, recognizing the best Macintosh hardware and
software products released during the year.
MCL 2.0 is a finalist in the Best Development Tool category.  The other two
finalists are Frontier 2.0 from UserLand and SoftPolish 1.1 from Language
The 1992 Eddy Awards will be given to products in 37 categories at a black-tie
ceremony to be held on January 5, 1993, the day before MacWorld opens.  
From: ALCABES@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Alcabes, Harvey)

We just heard from Thomas Murphy of Computer Language magazine that Macintosh
Common Lisp 2.0 has been nominated (along with roughly 50 other development
products) for their "Computer Language/Jolt Cola Product Excellence Award" and
their "Computer Language Productivity Award".  

The award winners will be announced on February 22, 1992 at Computer Language's
Software Development '93 conference in Santa Clara, California, and then 
written up in the April issue of Computer Language magazine.  Good luck MCL!