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Re: view-font/set-view-font

Rich Lynch@ils.nwu.edu writes:
  I've been having trouble with fonts.
  I have some fancy windows that have 2 different fonts mixed.
  All that said, I am still at a loss to explain how :italic creeps in and
  stays there in the following code:

  ... code ommitted ...
  B:  I really don't think it's good style [pun intended] to have code that
  (set-view-font-codes view XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX) when
  (set-view-font view '("Helvetica" 30 :bold)) is an option that should work.
  Any idiot can read and maintain the latter; the former is gibberish.

If you want to ensure that the font is correct, then specify one
font, one font size, a font style and one of the transfer modes
and use the with-font-spec macro from Michael Engber  in 
oodles-of-utils:brutal-utils:quickdraw.lisp.  This will eliminate
the gibberish of font codes.

;; Copyright  1992 Northwestern University Institute for the Learning Sciences
;; All Rights Reserved
;; author: Michael S. Engber
(defmacro with-font-spec (font-spec &body body)
    (if (and (listp font-spec) (every #'constantp font-spec))
      (multiple-value-bind (ff ms) (font-codes font-spec)
        `(with-font-codes ,ff ,ms ,@body))
      (let ((ff (gensym))
            (ms (gensym)))
        `(multiple-value-bind (,ff ,ms) (font-codes ,font-spec)
           (with-font-codes ,ff ,ms ,@body)))))

to change the font spec temporarily.

Instead of
(defmethod view-draw-contents :after ((view sample))
  (let ((font '("Helvetica" 18  :italic))
        (old-font (view-font view)))
    (set-view-font view font)
    (with-pstrs ((str (format nil "~A" font)))
      (#_MoveTo 4 50)
      (#_DrawString str))
    (set-view-font view old-font)))

to recode the fragment to the following:
(defmethod view-draw-contents :after ((view sample))
  (with-font-spec '("Helvetica" 18 :bold :italic)
    (with-pstrs ((str (format nil "~A" (view-font view))))
      (#_MoveTo 4 50)
      (#_DrawString str))))

Here is your complete example recoded using the with-font-spec macro
with font specs specified using the conventions above. The four lines
are printed in order in the following font codes:
  Helvetica 18 :italic
  New York 18 :bold
  New York 18 :bold :italic :underline
  Helvetica 30 :bold
all using the :SRCOR transfer mode

(defclass sample (dialog)
    :view-font '("Helvetica" 30 :bold)
    :view-size #@(600 400)))
(defmethod view-draw-contents :after ((view sample))
  (with-font-spec '("Helvetica" 18 :italic)
    (with-pstrs ((str (format nil "~A" '("Helvetica" 18 :italic))))
      (#_MoveTo 4 50)
      (#_DrawString str)))
  (with-font-spec '("New York" 18 :bold)
    (with-pstrs ((str (format nil "~A" '("New York" 18 :bold))))
      (#_MoveTo 4 100)
      (#_DrawString str)))
  (with-font-spec '("New York" 18 :bold :italic :underline)
    (with-pstrs ((str (format nil "~A" '("New York" 18 :bold :italic :underline))))
      (#_MoveTo 4 150)
      (#_DrawString str)))
  (with-pstrs ((str (format nil "~A" (view-font view))))
    (#_MoveTo 4 200)
    (#_DrawString str)))
(make-instance 'sample)