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Slow macintosh memory allocation (summary)

Many thanks to everybody who answered my question:

| I have a program that runs well for some time
| and then gradually becomes slower and slower and slower.
| I have tracked the problem down to the fact that
| when it has becomed very slow, a single
| (make-record :rgbcolor) (or any mac memory allocation)
| takes almost half a second!
| Strangely, at this point, a (ROOM) shows 145K of free
| Mac Heap.

The problem was due to the Mac Heap becoming very fragmented
because of mac pointers and handles that I failed to dispose of.

In solving the problem, MCL's undocumented feature of GC'able
mac pointers was *very* usefull (the GC is much better at keeping
track of what's no longer in use than myself!).


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