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Speed freak needs help

>Date: 23 Dec 92 14:46 GMT
>From: UK0392@AppleLink.Apple.COM (EHN & DIJ Oakley,GB,IDV)
>Subject: Speed freak needs help
>it is raw Lisp power that I seek (and we do accept that this will cost).

I'll just add to what Moon said: for raw lisp speed, the top of the line
is probably a CM-5 running *Lisp (a parallel dialect of Common Lisp).
There's a *Lisp simulator on the MCL cd, in case you have a friend with
a spare Connection Machine handy.

More realistically, you should probably contact the major unix Lisp
vendors (Lucid, Franz, Harlequin, ILOG, and Ibuki) and see if their
implementations run on this week's fastest/cheapest Unix RISC station 
(probably HP 700, Decstation, or IBM RS/6000).