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ED text file

I've been running an MCL application which performs data entry into a 
Sybase database, and also copies fixed-width font SQR reports into the Mac 
File system,  then uses (ed "filename") to open up an editor window for 
printing the file.

This application has been very reliable running MCL 2.0 under System 6.07,  
but under 7.0.1 the application has a mean time to failure of about four 
hours.  The failure is always a 'application unexpectedly quit' type 1 or 
type 2 memory address error.  It occurs around when the (ed "filename") 
function is being executed.  The file varies in size from 10 to 200K and
is written using (format stream string).

The application is running on Mac IIfx's with egc enabled and Ptable in the 
System extensions folder.  The memory size is 4800K for the application.
Typically there is 800K free after GC.

Is there anything in the patches to MCL 2.0 final which would affect this 
reliability?  Is there any difference between running under system 6.07 vs.
system 7.0.1 which would affect reliablility?

This is a critical issue for my client,  because the application is used 
for high priority data entry and confirmation on a continous basis.

Lawrence Au