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Re: color selected text

In article <58350@dime.cs.umass.edu> feng@.cs.umass.edu () writes:
>text-dialog-item. I want to color or change the font of the selected 
>text in the editable-text-dialog-item. The build-in method set-part-

In oodles-of-utils (avail from the cambridge archives) there is
a class te-view that will let you do what you want. You can change
the font, size, style, & color of arbitrary selections within it.

Unfortunately, there are problems if you try to use more than one
te-view in the same window. The cause isn't obvious (to me) and I
haven't had time to really dig in and find it. I suspect it has to
do with the protocals(undocumented) for switching from one current
key handle to another. Or maybe QD has some wierdness if there is
more than one TERecord for a port.