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update events from tight loops?


I am creating a view item that increments or decrements a number when a
button is clicked. I would like the button (inc and dec) to behave such
that a click inc/decs by one, and holding the button continuously inc/decs
(at some rate).

I can get the behaviour, but the view does not update. The key part is the
looping structure below:

(defmethod view-click-event-handler ((self increment-button) where)
  (declare (ignore where))
  (let ((to-view (if (message-view self)
                   (message-view self)
                   (view-container self))))
    (when to-view
      (increment to-view)
      (let ((start (rref *current-event* :EventRecord.when)))
        ;; key bit
          (unless (mouse-down-p)
          (when (= (mod (- (#_TickCount) start) 20))
            (increment to-view)
            (WHAT GOES HERE????)))))))))

The WHAT GOES HERE? is where I need something that will cause LISP to allow
invalidated views to update themselves.

Any suggestions?

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