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problems with multiple volumes with equal names

Because I started to use file sharing on my mac before I had figured out
a good name for its HD, it's now doomed to have the name "Macintosh HD". 
I often mount the whole HD from other macs which also have "Macintosh
HD"s.  Now this seems to confuse MCL, probably because MCL doesn't work
with the full zone:machine:volume:path name for the file, but only with
the volume name and the path.  What happens is that if I try to open a
FRED window for editing a file on my (remotely mounted) HD, MCL lets me
use the standard file choosing dialog, but then tries to open a file with
the same pathname on the local volume.

Is there a workaround for this bug?

In any case:  Does anyone know of a hack to change my HDs name into
something more interesting (I know that it's possible to do it by booting
from Sys. 6, but that won't work on a Quadra)

Espen J. Vestre,                          espen@coli.uni-sb.de
Universitaet des Saarlandes,        
Computerlinguistik, Gebaeude 17.2 
Im Stadtwald,                          tel. +49 (681) 302 4501
D-6600 SAARBRUECKEN, Germany           fax. +49 (681) 302 4351