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please send bug reports to bug-mcl, not me

I have recently received quite a few MCL bug reports that were
addressed directly to me instead of to bug-mcl. As many of you
have obviously noticed, I do a large portion of the responding to
MCL bugs. However, I am not as familiar with some parts of MCL as
are some of the other people who read bug-mcl. Also, if you send
to bug-mcl, Mark Preece will enter your bug report in his list of
bug reports, and will prompt the rest of us from time to time to
go over the list. It will also be archived on our mail server.
I'm a bit looser about tracking bug reports. If you send one directly
to me, I will usually manage to either answer or forward to bug-mcl, but
sometimes I'll be busy, your message will scroll off the top of my inbox,
and end up in my mail archive never to be seen again.

Conclusion: please send MCL bug reports to bug-mcl@cambridge.apple.com,
not directly to me. I'm just as likely to answer bug-mcl mail as my
own personal mail, and your message is less likely to be dropped on
the floor.

Also, if your message is a general question about how to do something
with MCL, and not a bug report, you'll probably do better to send it
to info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com, rather than bug-mcl. Hundreds of smart
people from all over the world read info-mcl, and one of them may be
able to help you. You'll also reduce my mail load and allow me to spend
more of my time working on new features for MCL.

Bill St. Clair