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MCL and accelerator boards

Hello MCL users -

Erann Gat asked:

>I have heard various stories about incompatibilities between MCL and
>various accelerator cards, particularly the Radius Rocket.  Are there
>any other known incompatibilities?  

and, from Bob Hall:

>I am interested in "reclaiming" a IIci to run MCL on (it is
>currently 3-6 times slower than my IIfx, depending on which
>form you evaluate), but don't know much about the upgrades available
>and also don't know if MCL loses on any of them.
>Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with the various
>upgrade options?

People ask this question fairly regularly (here or in email to us at
Apple), and I'd like to put together some sort of answer. If you have any
experience running MCL 2.0 on any accelerator boards, please send me
(mark@cambridge.apple.com) answers to the following:

        What type of accelerator board (please be specific, and include 
                version numbers, amount of RAM, etc.)?
        What type of Mac is the accelerator board installed in (include 
                amount of RAM, System version)? 
        Do you use any "non-standard" extensions/INITs?
        Do you run with VM enabled?
        Did you have any problems getting MCL to run?
        Is PTable installed?

If you can, please also include the results of evaluating these forms in
MCL running on the accelerator:

        (ccl::gestalt "fpu ")           ; note the space after the "u"
        (ccl::gestalt "mmu ")        ; note the space after the "u"
        (ccl::gestalt "romv")

Please include any other comments you have as well.

I'll compile your responses and post a summary here. 

Many thanks for your help.

Mark Preece
Apple ATG East