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Re: upgrading a IIci

hall@allegra.att.com (Bob Hall) asked:
>does Radius Rocket/33 for the IIci work with MCL?
>Anyone done it?
Yes to both.  I am currently running a IIci with cache card and a Rocket 33
with 20 Mbyte RAM (note: Radius advise equal amounts in the Rocket's two banks,
and I have another 16 Mbyte on order to achieve this).  It runs in a tough
environment - ambient air temp 30 deg C constant, humidity around 80%, with an
8*24 card too, and so far has been almost totally reliable, especially running
MCL 2.0p2.  I have *never* had an MCL crash.  However, I am *not* running
RocketShare, which I gather is unstable if not incompatible with MCL at
>Do you get Quadra-700 level performance?
I have not done formal benchmarks yet (I have to use it for serious work!), but
running my heavy genetic programming stuff and other MCL code, I reckon it is
in the region of a Qudra 700 or 950.  It is certainly noticeably faster than
the IIfx which I am using (now) at home.
>What about the Apple upgrade paths I've vaguely heard about?
AFAIK, the only IIci upgrade path at present is a motherboard swap to Quadra
700.  In performance terms, I would suspect that this is very similar to the
Rocket 33.  You do not need to keep any memory in the 'old' Mac though (note
with the Rocket, you really need to keep at least 4 Mbyte RAM in the old SIMM
sockets, so you will probably need to buy more memory if you buy a Rocket).
You also have a *much* more compatible system, with Apple's continuing upgrade
policies (we all hope!).  I think that you will also find the built-in graphics
quicker with a real Quadra 700.  On the other hand, most (UK) prices I have
seen make the Rocket much cheaper than the Quadra trade-in deal *unless* you
can pick the latter up on a special offer.  The Rocket also still allows you to
trade up to a Quadra or whatever later as well, and if they ever get
RocketShare working with MCL, of running MCL (and/or other apps) in both the
IIci and the Rocket.
>Anyone found that MCL loses on any of the upgrades?
Only if you try to use RocketShare, which simply does not work (yet).
Otherwise, you only win, it is just a question of how much you pay to win, and
what the future holds in store for you/your Mac.
(I will reply properly to Mark Preece's request once I can get back on the
IIci/Rocket to get the detailed answers!)