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Re: MCL size/distribution

Hi everyone,

  isn't it wonderful to see the MCL team talking
  about reducing the size of MCL applications? ;-)

I think that one important aspect of the problem that has not been
stressed out enough is the ratio:

                          EFFORTS (TIME)

In that respect, solution #2 is only a partial one, but it should
take *much* less effort to realise than solution #1 or #3 (if my
understanding is correct, what's required is basically to write
new boot scripts for MCL where the compiler, inspector, ... would
not be included...) (of course I know it's never that simple :-)

What would be great is to have solution #2 available in MCL 2.1 as an
interim solution before getting the real thing in MCL 3.0. This would give
time to the MCL time to do things right and satisfy us in the mean time.

As for what's the 'real thing', I think solution #3 is the superior
one. It also goes with the current evolution of the mac os where shared
librairies will be more and more present.

These where only my humble opinions...

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