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Re: MacApp -> MCL

Replying to Mike Lockwood

> share some of their thoughts on MCL and CLOS from the MacApp perspective?

MCL provides basic windows and event processing.  It does not offer a complete
framework, such as MacApp does (printing, etc).  It does offer other benefits that
MacApp does not such as AppleEvent support.  The chief benefit is that there is
a tremendous amount of shared code that adds features such as quicktime support,
printing, extended dialog item supports and more.  The archives now contain the
latest and greatest on all of these. Howard at UK0392@AppleLink.Apple.COM
has been doing some work on to develop and coordinate a group to develop
a framework.

> what is the best CLOS browser for a Mouser diehard like myself?

There is nothing that really contains the functionality of Mouser or Object Master
(send Loic a note and ask him to support MCL in his next release :)  There
is a wonderful tool called geta-browser (by Lafourcade Mathieu) that offers a 
graphical browsing tool (tree diagrams that popup the appropriate classes in 
your source code).  Also the Extended-Apropos tool by Guillame Cartier.  This
is another addition that greatly expands your programing enviroment.


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