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MCL Operating System

Actually, an even better idea is to call the MCL application an "init"
and tell people that you have to put it in the Extensions folder
inside the System Folder [no harm in that being there, is there?].
It's only about twice as big as the Quicktime init, and does lots more. 
Then call each fasl file an "application", and marvel at how small the
applications are.

But seriously, folks, why should the "size" of the MCL application
matter at all? If System 7 virtual memory works correctly [and here is
where I may be assuming too much], the virtual memory system should
dynamically decide what you need to keep in memory and what you don't.
Virtual memory is a dynamic "tree shaker", and thus should be able to
do better than any static tree shaker could ever do, and no problems
with EVAL, etc.

Henry Lieberman