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re: John's Flame

> Some ideas of yours are interesting.  But why don't you express them in
> a more gentle way?  They will be more acceptable.  And your messages are
well vincent,  I feel that infact I was being quite gentle.  I provided
references to my sources and I was quite factual.  Perhaps the stuff about
'BIG' and 'CLUMSY' was a bit too much,  however,  you may have noticed that
it did get some attention,  and there have been many thoughtful replies
that address the issues I brought up in a constructive way.  The posting
did in fact have a 'flame' flavour to it,  and this was intentional.
My prime interest here is to be the 'squeeky wheel' and get some people's
attention in the hope that something infact will be done about MCL's size.
In a few years,  the way media is growing,  size will be irrelevant-
-there's no doubt about it.  But,  nowadays,  a tree-shaker would be a major
boon to people doing development work.  Not all of us have the privledge
of working in an ivory tower:  we have real concerns, real demands,
and size is an issue.  Selling vertical market software isn't often a problem:
clients are usually willing to go and buy a machine just to run the software
we make.  However, this is not always the case.....

> read by lots of people.  Don't abuse that power.  Personnaly, I don't
> like reading aggressive messages like that all day long...  I'm saying
> this with no negative thoughts, I hope you don't feel hurt.
This isn't an abuse of power, this is a legitimate and well motivated
attempt to get things done.
> Thanks for your consideration of netetiquette,
thankyou for being politically correct....