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Re: Re2: Mother ship App.(flame)

> The "problem" of buggy MCL applications can be viewed from another
> angle: Most of those buggy MCL applications wouldn't have been 
> completed at all if they had been implemented in another language, 
> and they most certainly would not have been less buggy at the 
> same level of fuctionality.

well,  I'm not really talking about 'buggy' in the sense that there
are a lot of lisp exceptions.  lisp has a wonderful debugging environment
that works well inside of mcl.  What I am taling about are the apparant
mystery crashes that happen for no apparant reason,  why a program
crashes on one machine and not another,  the mouse freezing, why
version 2.0 crashes every time with the even-better-buss-error init
distributed at ftp.apple.com.  unexplained mouse freezing,  that sort of
thing.  These things simply should not happen!