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Fred dir

I rearranged a few of the files on cambridge.apple.com.  There is now
a directory exclusively for Fred hacks: .../contrib/fred/.  If you're
planning to contribute any Fred code you should put it in this
directory and update the README file.  The current contents of the
file are appended below.

 Support Unixthenasia

# 1. Please add one-line descriptions sorted unixalphabetically.
# 2. Last update: Mon Jan 25 3:40pm PST 1993 by cgay@cs.uoregon.edu
README                          This file
autosave.lisp                   Automatically saves your fred buffers
completion.lisp			Symbol completion for Fred.
fill-paragraph.lisp		m-Q (ie, text/comment (auto) filling/justification.
rulers.lisp                     add text rulers to Fred (editor) windows
styled-comments.lisp		Edit menu command to format Lisp comments
symbol-complete.lisp.sit.hqx    For power typists - completes words for you
undefine.lisp			Fred utility to undefine methods, etc.