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sound manager questions


I'm thinking of using the sound manager to generate morse code, i.e.
generating sequences of longer ("dahs") and shorter ("dits") tones of 
the same frequency (the wave form is of minor importance). However, the 
timing of the tones and the pauses is very important, as is the speed
(up to 10 "dits" per second). I've tried the code from Matthew Cornell
(matt's utils:sound-fun.lisp), but it seems that generating each dit and 
dah is too slow. 
Any hints and ideas for a solution are welcome. I'm thinking of storing 
the patterns for each character, e.g. the character "q" sounds like 
"dah-dah-dit-dah" and have that played by the sound mangager. How can I program
the sound manager to play such sequences (with various speed)?

P.S. Why does the mac generate these nasty "clicks" when the sound ends? 
Any way to avoid this?
Stefan Bernemann