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WDEF in Lisp!

ok, I've successfully written an entire WDEF in lisp.  It draws
a simple window, with a close box and a grow region.  It does all
the usual grafport preservation, etc.  However, I have come across
one problem. the WDEF function returns #$wInGrow whenever a click
is made in the grow region of the window (and I even checked
to see if _FindWindow was returning the correct result--5), however
Lisp doesn't make any calls to #_GrowWindow in response to this
result code as it should.  Why is this?  do I have to put a call to
#_GrowWindow in myself?  does #_GrowWindow only get called for
documentProc type windows?  I also made window class defining
the method window-grow-event-handler and it doesn't get called either?
BUT! it does get called for regular documentProc style windows?
what's the difference?  both WDEF's return a #$wInGrow when a click
happens in the grow region, infact, they're functionally identical...