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%get-cstring bug?

The online documentation for %get-cstring says that it takes only one
optional argument:  offset.  However, the manual says that it takes two
optional arguments:  offset and end.  When I call %get-cstring with a
macptr and two more arguments, it appears to ignore the last argument and
behave as if it had only one optional argument.  Is the 'end' optional
argument not used?

The reason I'm asking is I would like to be able to specify how much of the
string to get (like you can do with subseq), and so having an 'end'
argument would be nice.  Of course, I could get the whole string and then
apply subseq to it to get the part I want, but that seems to be wasteful,
especially if the string is very long.

Dale J. Skrien   	       	       	       	       	djskrien@colby.edu
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science 	       	207-872-3256
Colby College, Waterville  ME  04901