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Re:strange networking behavior

The problem occuring with MacTCP.lisp with Quadras from within the event
handler can be solved by adding: (FORMAT T ".") (FORCE-OUTPUT) in the body
of the while-loop of the function %TCP-CONTROL in MacTCP.lisp.
Writing on the standard-output seems to enable the receive of device-
interrupts. This seems very odd to me but it works..
The problem that I would called "Inference between Device-Interrupt and
Virtual Memory" occurs with the builtin Ethernet of Quadras, MacTCP 1.1,
within the event-handler, with Virtual Memory Off, when waiting for device-
Have you tried to open-tcp-stream twice sequencially? this will also hang
your machine. A solution that seems also very odd to me is to (SLEEP 3)
between the 2 open-tcp-stream (2 seconds would work only 90% of the case).
There is definitely a major problem with MacTCP, but what does it have to do
with Virtual Memory?!!
I had this problem 2 Months ago, 3 weeks ago I sent a bug report to mcl-bug,
but no answer yet.. I post a news in comp.sys.mac.comm, only 1 answer from
sdorner@qualcomm.com (Steven Dorner), Qualcomm, Inc. telling me that he also
had such a problem.
Have you tried with MacTCP 1.1.1?
Please let me know the result of your experiences (success or not..)

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