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printing of a list

I would like to print a deeply nested list on a file.
The following problem occurred:

Welcome to Macintosh Common Lisp Version 2.0p2!
? (setf lll 1)

? (dotimes (i 500) (setf lll (list lll)))
;Compiler warnings :
;   Undeclared free variable LLL (2 references), in an anonymous lambda form.

? (print lll)
> Error: Stack overflow.
> While executing: CCL::WRITE-A-FROB
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
1 > 

? (room t)
There are at least 2425240 bytes of available RAM.

                  Total Size            Free               Used
Mac Heap:      1009412 (985K)       245840 (240K)       763572 (746K)
Lisp Heap:    13668352 (13348K)      2179400 (2128K)     11488968 (11219K)
 (Static):      528384 (516K)
Stacks:         208960 (204K)
Markable objects:     7351600 (7179K) dynamic, 223400 (218K) static.
Immediate objects:    4137368 (4040K) dynamic, 304688 (297K) static.

What can I do?

Dieter Holz