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Re: printing of a list

At  2:09 PM 8/3/93 +0200, holz@urz.unibas.ch wrote:
>I would like to print a deeply nested list on a file.
>The following problem occurred:
>Welcome to Macintosh Common Lisp Version 2.0p2!
>? (setf lll 1)
>? (dotimes (i 500) (setf lll (list lll)))
>;Compiler warnings :
>;   Undeclared free variable LLL (2 references), in an anonymous lambda form.
>? (print lll)
>> Error: Stack overflow.
>> While executing: CCL::WRITE-A-FROB
>> Type Command-. to abort.
>See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
>What can I do?

Make the stack bigger. You can do this by editing MCL's LSIZ resource with ResEdit
or using the :memory-options keyword to save-application (documented in the
release notes that were distributed with MCL 2.0). The following worked for me
to create an MCL that would successfully print your example:

(save-application "MCL temp"
                  :size (ash 4096 10)
                  :memory-options '(:stack-minimum #.(ash 1024 10)
                                    :stack-maximum #.(ash 1024 10)))