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CommToolBox Help

I've just started a project that would involve multiple communication sessions
and I was hoping to use the CommToolBox for its flexibility.  I'm unable to
change tools using CTB's built-in routines, however -- I always, always wind up
with an "unexpectedly quit - Type 1 error" dialog right when I make the
appropriate call.  Everything seems to initialize correctly since I can
retrieve configuration information and whatnot before attempting the #_CMChoose
The sample code below is what I'm working with.  It creates a plain window with
some buttons that I was going to use to test the various toolbox calls.  I had
just started with the Connection Manager stuff, so two of the three buttons
don't do anything.
Can anyone tell me what's going on?  I suspect that "something" isn't being
initialized properly but I'll be darned if I can figure out what it is.  Any
help would be appreciated!
(ccl::require-interface :connections)
(defclass ctb-window (color-dialog)
  ((terminal-handle :initform nil
                    :initarg :terminal
                    :accessor terminal-handle)
   (connection-handle :initform nil
                      :initarg :connection
                      :accessor connection-handle)
   (transfer-handle :initform nil
                    :initarg :transfer
                    :accessor transfer-handle)
(defmethod window-close :before ((w ctb-window))
  (if (handlep (terminal-handle w)) (#_TMDispose (terminal-handle w)))
  (if (handlep (connection-handle w)) (#_CMDispose (connection-handle w)))
  (if (handlep (transfer-handle w)) (#_FTDispose (transfer-handle w))))
(defun make-ctb-window ()
  (let ((w (make-instance 'ctb-window
             :window-type :document
             :color-p t
             :view-position #@(1 41)
             :view-size #@(630 440)
             :view-font '("Chicago" 12 :srcor :plain)
             :window-title "CTB Window"
             :window-show nil
             (list (make-dialog-item 'button-dialog-item
                                     #@(34 20)
                                     #@(163 16)
                                     "Connection Tool"
                                     #'(lambda (self)
                                          (list 'ctb-configure-connection-tool
                                                (view-window self))))
                                     :default-button nil)
                   (make-dialog-item 'button-dialog-item
                                     #@(220 20)
                                     #@(163 16)
                                     "Terminal Tool"
                                     :default-button nil)
                   (make-dialog-item 'button-dialog-item
                                     #@(417 20)
                                     #@(163 16)
                                     "Transfer Tool"
                                     :default-button nil)))))
    (with-cursor *watch-cursor*
      (init-ctb-window w)
      (window-show w))))
(defmethod init-ctb-window ((w ctb-window))
  (block up-and-out
    (progn                                ; Connection Tool initialization
      (with-pstrs ((tool-name "Apple Modem Tool"))
        (let ((procid (#_CMGetProcID tool-name)))
          (when (minusp procid)
            (error (format nil "Error getting ProcID for connection tool (~D)"
            (return-from up-and-out))
          (rlet ((buffer-sizes :CMBufferSizes))
            (rset buffer-sizes (:CMBufferSizes.Array #$cmDataIn) 0)
            (rset buffer-sizes (:CMBufferSizes.Array #$cmDataOut) 0)
            (rset buffer-sizes (:CMBufferSizes.Array #$cmCntlIn) 0)
            (rset buffer-sizes (:CMBufferSizes.Array #$cmCntlOut) 0)
            (rset buffer-sizes (:CMBufferSizes.Array #$cmAttnIn) 0)
            (rset buffer-sizes (:CMBufferSizes.Array #$cmAttnOut) 0)
            (setf (connection-handle w) (#_CMNew procid #$CMData
                                         buffer-sizes 69 0))
            (let ((err (#_CMValidate (connection-handle w))))
              (if err
                (error "Error validating Connection Tool")
                (format t "~%Connection Tool Initialized OK.")))))))
    (progn                              ; Terminal Tool initialization
    (progn                              ; Transfer Tool initialization
(defmethod ctb-configure-connection-tool ((w ctb-window)
                                          &optional (home-point #@(20 40)))
  (let ((result (#_CMChoose (connection-handle w) home-point (%null-ptr))))
(defmethod get-ctb-connection-configuration ((w ctb-window))
  (let ((result (#_CMGetConfig (connection-handle w))))
    (if (macptrp result)
      (%get-cstring result)
      (format nil "~%Error: ~A" result))))
  (format t "~%Initializing...")
  (format t "~%~5TCRM Initialization: ~A" (#_InitCRM))
  (format t "~%~5TCTB Initialization: ~A" (#_InitCTBUtilities))
  (format t "~%~5TConnection Manager: ~A" (#_InitCM))
  (format t "~%~5TTerminal Manager:   ~A" (#_InitTM))
  (format t "~%~5TTransfer Manager:   ~A" (#_InitFT))