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Re: Handling \Newline \Linefeed

In article <...> hal@si.no (Hallvard Tretteberg) writes:
 > In article <...> dhm%proact@uunet.UU.NET ("Don Mitchell") writes:
 >    Subject:   Handling \Newline \Linefeed sequences in MCL
 >    We're doing cross-platform development to Allegro CL PC which uses
 >    DOS's  \Newline \Linefeed convention for the end of each line. 
 >    How hard would it be to change MCL to insert \Linefeed each time it
 >    inserts \Newline in the editor and to not display the \Linefeed?
 > And also, would it be possible to add a flag (a special variable)
 > so that read et. al peeks ahead and gobbles Linefeeds after Newlines,
 > and write inserts Linefeeds after Newlines? I'm reading/writing
 > files from/to PCs and this would make life a lot easier for me. This
 > should also solve Donalds problem if it is done at a low enough level.

It would seem much cleaner to just have the software that you are
using to transfer the files from one platform to the next handle the
end-of-line translation for you.  I imagine that most of the Mac-DOS
connection methods allow this, since it is a problem for all text
files, not just MCL programs.

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