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Re: Handling \Newline \Linefeed

In article <TAR.93Aug11082756@grover.ISI.EDU>, tar@ISI.EDU (Thomas A. Russ)
> It would seem much cleaner to just have the software that you are
> using to transfer the files from one platform to the next handle the
> end-of-line translation for you.  I imagine that most of the Mac-DOS
> connection methods allow this, since it is a problem for all text
> files, not just MCL programs.
> --
Does anybody know such software?. We use Farallons phone net to mount max
volumes on our windows machine, but that does not convert the files unless
you do an explicit copy and even that only works under dos and not under
windows. This is quite a pain since, normally I develop something on the
mac, convert the file to the windows machine, load it into ACL/PC, discover
some bugs, correct them convert it back and so on in an endless cycle. I
really would love to use the same physical files in a network.