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Re: Sideways fonts??!!

>I'm relatively new to both MCL and the Macintosh in general and am wondering
>how the Mac handles landscaped or sideways font printing - and in particular
>if it's possible to access them under MCL. I've looked at tech. stuff on
>the Font Manager and NOWHERE could I find any ref. to font rotation, etc..
>If it's not possible - then perhaps is it possible within QuickDraw, to
>rotate a pict (ie capture text as a pict, then redraw it rotated 90 degrees).
>thanks for any help...

As I recall, Quickdraw will not do what you want.  I don't think that it
provides rotations anywhere.  You could print your text to a pixelMap and
then rotate the array yourself though.  (What a pain.)

There is hope however.  Quickdraw GX addresses just this problem (among
others) and should be out soon (I don't know how soon.).  It will allow
scaling, stretching and rotating just like PostScript!

--Hope this helps.